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ROPAC ESD - UN Certified Electrostatic Dissipative

ROPAC ESD - UN Certified Electrostatic Dissipative

New Ropac® 32 Litre UN Solid Conductive Packaging Solution

Few months ago, our R&D team were presented with a challenge to help a client have our Ropac® MP 32 LH – 32 litres UN Solid certified HDPE pail - produced in conductive material. The challenge was to find-out, implement, test and validate a plastic raw material presenting the right surface resistivity value and keeping at the same time the robustness properties corresponding to a UN certification.

It is known, that conductive raw material are always more “fragile” than standard ones, due to the presence of particles in it enabling the conductivity. This results into a reduced mechanical resistance of the container, especially to shocks. Thus, the requirements of the typical UN certification’s drop test are more difficult to meet.

After working hard and trialling different raw materials, we are proud to share with you that our R&D team succeeded! The new variant of our Ropac® MP 32 LH in conductive material is thus enabling our customers to get a packaging solution presenting a UN certification for solid goods up to 36 kg. content (1H2/Z36/S/…) and at the same time a surface resistivity value lower than 10-8 ohm.

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ROPAC 32 Litre UN Solid
ROPAC 32 Litre UN Solid
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